Why start this program?

The Busselton Runners Club recognises that athletes can find it difficult to meet costs associated with participating in state or national and international sporting events and would like to support local athletes who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate.

Where do the grant funds come from?

The Busselton Runners Club Athlete Grant fund has been established using proceeds from the 2015 Busselton Runners Club Half Marathon & Fun Run held in February 2015. The fund commenced with $6400 and will continue to operate as long as there are funds available. As grants are awarded, the club intends to raise further funds for this purpose in future years of this event to ensure ongoing operation of the programme.

Who assesses the applications and decides who will receive a grant?

Applications will be assessed by four members of the Busselton Runners Club Committee. If required, the decision can be deferred to the full nine elected members of the Committee.

Do I have to be a member of the Busselton Runners Club?

No, you don’t need to be a member of our club however you do need to be a member of a local sporting club or association relevant to your sport.

Is the grant programme only for runners? Which sports?

No, while the Busselton Runners Club focuses on athletic events, we are able to support athletes in any sporting event.

What is meant by residing in the City of Busselton?

This refers to the area defined as the City of Busselton as per the established Western Australian Local Government boundaries. Individuals temporarily residing out of the municipal area for the purpose of attending an educational institution who can demonstrate a permanent address within the City of Busselton, may still apply.

What kinds of costs can the grant cover?

The grant programme is designed to provide financial assistance for sportsmen and women towards the cost of travel, accommodation, entry fees, uniforms or equipment required to participate in sporting events.

What is the maximum amount I can apply for?

The maximum amount is $1000 per grant. This will ensure the club is able to support a number of athletes during the year.

If I am successful, will I be granted the full amount I have applied for?

As part of the assessment process the Committee will determine how much you will receive. In some cases this amount may be less than the full amount you requested.

Can I apply for all of my costs to be covered?

Yes, however as we have limited funds available and would like to support as many athletes as possible, if you have a large financial need, we would encourage you to also explore other options, such as other grant programs or fund-raising.

What do I have to supply details of all of my costs if I am only seeking a grant to assist with a small part?

One of the factors assessed when deciding on your eligibility for a grant is your overall budget. This information assist the Committee to ensure we are allocating funds fairly and effectively e.g. it is unlikely you would get a grant to cover airfares to attend an event, if you are spending all of your money on a 5 star hotel.

Why is there an age limit for the grant programme?

Applicants must be aged 18 or over; there is no maximum age. This programme has been designed to complement a number of existing different programmes already available, many of which are specifically aimed at ‘young’ or ‘rising’ sport stars.

Why isn’t there an age limit on running events?

There isn’t an age limit on running events because it is expected that members of clubs would be supported by their club if they are competing in an event in the sport of their club.

Can I apply for a grant to participate in an event in my home town or local area?

No. Grants will only be considered for applicants who live at least 125km from the relevant event, with required travel of 250km or more return.

What types of events can I apply for a grant for? Is it only for championships or events I have to qualify for?

Not necessarily. The Committee may elect to give preference to applicants who qualify for an event through a formal selection process. However, applicants who self nominate for events / programmes will be given due consideration. You can apply for a grant to participate in any type of sporting event. You can also apply for a grant to participant in an association-run training squad or camp. All applications will be considered.

Is the Grant Programme only for people competing?

No. You can also apply for a grant to take part in an event as an official or umpire. Grants are not available to assist with costs of spectators or family members.

When do I need to apply?

We strongly encourage people to lodge their grant application as early as possible. This will ensure the Committee has sufficient time to assess your application and seek any further information they may require to make a decision.

Are the grants available retrospectively?

Applications need to be received no less than four weeks prior to the event. Retrospective grant funding allocations will not be made except in exceptional circumstances or following delays by the committee in assessing or processing applications.

What do I need to do after I receive a grant?

After the event, you will need to make a short report back to the Club - a template will be provided. You will also need to provide evidence of costs incurred as requested.