Busselton Runners Club

‘Trained by Champs’ is an online program that gives you a unique opportunity to be trained by a sporting champion and Australian marathon legend Steve Moneghetti. In three decades, Steve developed a freakish never say die attitude to be at his best at all times. At the ripe age of 52, Steve still manages to be at the peak of his performance and continues to inspire and train runners around the globe. Whether you are training for personal fitness or attempting to RUN a marathon, Trained by Champs has a program for you. Steve himself put his expertise and passion in developing these programs to help you achieve your ultimate goals. Trained by Champs is a fun and challenging fitness program for runners everywhere. With detailed program instructions, tips and insights from a running legend, you know that your hard work will reap great rewards as you continue training with Steve. Trained by Champs is an online community for runners who are serious in achieving their goals, regardless of skill level or experience.
This is intended to be a weekly series that follows the progress of one of our club members following the Trained by Champs program in the lead up to the SunSmart Busselton Half Marathon.

Trained by Champs — Week 2

The longer days with more sunshine make it easier to find time for training, but it has still been pretty chilly this week!

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Trained by Champs — Week 1

Having just registered for the 2018 Busselton Half Marathon and Fun Run on February 10th I have decided that I should start to do some training to get me from here to successfully completing a half marathon. I will also be blogging about my experiences along the way.

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