Course Information

Course Information

There are four courses to choose from; Marathon (42.2km), half marathon (21.1km), 10km run and 5km run. Walkers are welcome to participate at the back of the pack for the 10km and 5km distances.

Start times have been staggered to minimise congestion but we ask that runners self seed their start position in the pack so that all people get a fair and safe start. All turn around points will have a divider lane marked. You must stay in the left lane and turn around in a clockwise direction. Please take care when you are turning back, that you do not obstruct either the runners approaching and merging, or the runners who are behind you.

Start times

5:00 AM Bib Collection Opens

5:20 AM Compulsory Race Briefing Marathon

5:30 AM Marathon Start

6:45 AM Compulsory Race Briefing

7:00 AM Half Marathon Start

7:15 AM 10 km and 5 km Start

9:30 AM Award Presentations

Course Description

There will be a cut off time to complete this event within 3 hours. You must have reached the halfway turn-around point of the half marathon by 1 hour 30 minutes. If you are not confident that you can complete the half marathon in this time, please consider registering for a shorter event instead.

The course starts on Geographe Bay Road and initially heads east, following a loop through the car park where it will then head back out onto Geographe Bay Road heading west. It will continue on to King Street where it will cross back onto the dual use path and make its way on the path down to Abbey. There will be a marked turn-around point and you will then head back towards Busselton.

The finish lap will again be a loop through the car park but instead of diverting onto Geographe Bay Road, there will be another turn around point in the car park so you will head east to the finish line.

Marathon COURSE

The marathon course is the same as the half marathon above, but with an out-and-back extension at the Forth Street end. The course will be measured with a Jones counter but it is not certified and no changes to that policy will occur in 2022.

Aid stations: three at approximately 3–3.5 km apart. Two on course and one at or near the turn point. Aid stations will have both water and electrolytes, and bananas. You are encouraged to carry your own particular food requirements.

Entry requirements: As an inaugural event, this is a limited field of 200 runners. Following a committee meeting we have removed the following eligibility requirement. All runners will need to provide proof that they have, in the last 3 years, completed a marathon in 4 ½ hours or less. You will be required to provide information on the registration page. All submissions will be confirmed and if they do not meet the criteria, your entry will be rejected. HOWEVER, all other parameters will remain intact (see stipulations). If you are not confident that you can complete the marathon in this time, please consider registering for a shorter event instead.

Start time: At this point, start time will be 5:30am. This will be confirmed closer to the event

Stipulations: there will be a cut off time that will see runners eliminated from the course if they are unable to make the three quarter point by a given time. This is purely for a logistical reason as we are unable to have or support runners out on the course indefinitely.

Covid: The organisers would appreciate all runners being fully vaccinated.