Dôme Golden-K

The Dôme Café Golden K

The club runs a Golden K event (1000 metres) approximately every 5 weeks.

The winner is calculated by having the most improved time over more than 4 events throughout the year. (male and female) The annual prize is a voucher courtesy of Dôme Café, Busselton. As it is an age graded event, everyone has a chance of annual success. Grading is per the WMA table here: www.mastersathletics.net/index.php?id=2595

Entry into this is free for paid club members. Anyone who is not a member is definitely welcome to run with us, for the cost of a gold coin donation. Note - this gold coin entry fee for visitors will be waived for events when our club specifically invites another club to participate.

Course Record Holders

Actual times Lachie 3:09.00 Shareen 3:20:00

Age Graded Times Ben F 2:47.99 Maggie C 3:05.28