Event Description

Undertaken in teams of two people, this event involves one team member running while the other team member follows on a bike. The runner and rider are able to swap as often or as rarely as they like, with the rider and runner finishing the course together.

There are two distances for this event, with both distances starting at the same time. We have alternative start sites. Our original course starts from the King St carpark. The Long Course is 22.8km, and the Short Course is 15.6km starting from the Abbey Boat Ramp. The finish line for both courses is at the Dunsborough Foreshore. Our second site starts from the Equinox car park in Busselton with the long course forming a loop up through the centre of town, out along the bypass on the new cycle path to Vasse and back along the foreshore to the Equinox. The short course does a loop heading East up to the Geographe marina and back again.


This event will be held bi-annually (in Autumn and Spring).


Long Course - 19 April 2015

Busselton to Dunsborough Relay Long Course, 22.8km
# Team Member Team Member Net Time
1 Daniel Jones Ross Paine 1h 33m 56s
2 Alex Cork Pascal Blondeel 2h 2m 44s

Short Course - 19 April 2015

Busselton to Dunsborough Relay Short Course, 15.6km
# Team Member Team Member Net Time
1 Denis Price Nigel Paine 1h 15m 01s
2 Michelle Burns Mitchell Pearce 1h 21m 38s
3 Debby Westell Sam Hawkins-McDonald 1h 22m 08s
4 Lee Paine Meredith Dixon 1h 22m 35s
5 Anila Dorte 1h 23m 23s