Is there a minimum age?

Participants aged under 12 must be accompanied on the course at all times. 

Minimum age to compete in the Marathon is 18yrs of age at the time of the race.

If you are entering a young child in this event, please carefully consider both their skill level and enjoyment. The organisers reserve the right to remove a participant from the course at any time.

wave starts

We ask that runners self seed their start position in the pack in accordance with the nominated time groupings below so that all people get a fair and safe start. Remember that the wave start will not alter your time, as the time is calculated 'mat to mat'  

Is there a time limit for the event?

Marathon: 4 hours and 30 minutes - Participants must complete the 42.2km course within this time. If they take longer than this time, they will not be considered official finishers. You must reach 30km at Forth street by 8:50 am.

Half Marathon/10km/5km: 3 hours 

It's important for runners to be aware of these cut-off times when registering for the race and to train accordingly to meet the specified time limits. 

These cut-off times ensure the safety of participants and adhere to road closures and permits.

Are walkers allowed?

Walkers are encouraged to register for the 5km event. If you are walking, please ensure you start at the back of the pack

Race Bibs

Bib Collection will be on Friday 9 Feb 23 from 4pm-9pm from the Surf Life Saving Building adjacent to the Goose on Busselton Foreshore, last minute bib pickup at the start line, Saturday 10 Feb 24 from 5am-6:15am. 

prize money and trophies

Can someone else collect my bib for me?


Is there a Waitlist?

No , there isn't a waitlist for the 2024 BRC Bay Run. As tickets get refunded, they will automatically go back on sale, please check Raceroster regularly for tickets. 

What time do I need to be there?

There is a mandatory race briefing for Marathon participants at 5:20 am, on the start line.

There is a mandatory race briefing starting at  6.45am for all other distances. 

Will there be a bag drop?


Please note, leaving your items at the bag drop is done at your own risk. Please do not leave valuable items at the bag drop. The bag drop will be manned and you will need to be wearing your race bib when you pick up and drop off your bag/items as your belongings will be stored by bib number and can only be collected by yourself. The Busselton Runners Club take no responsibility for your items and your belongings are not covered by our insurance.

where can i park?

Foreshore parking will be closed. Parking will be available at Signal Park for a gold coin donation to Country Women’s Hockey Club. There are numerous other car parks available in the Busselton CBD however please also be mindful that many of the car parks in the Busselton CBD are 2 hour maximum only on a Saturday morning. Further information about parking within the City of Busselton is available from the City website:

City of Busselton Parking Information

Is there paceRs?

No, we don't provide pacers 

Is the course closed to other pedestrians?

The start and finish area of the event is a closed track however it is possible that other people including walkers, cyclists and dogs will be on the paths on the out and back section of the course.

How will the course be marked?

The start / finish of the course will be well marked and marshalled. As it is an out and back course that follows the coastline, only areas that have an alternative choice of direction will be marked either with bollards/witches hats, or with a marshal. All turn around points will be well marked with lead in signs, bollards, flag and marshal.

Can I wear my iPod/music player?

While we discourage the use of iPods or other personal music devices, we do not impose a ban on wearing headphones on the course. However, please remember that the use of headphones can impede an individual’s ability to hear marshals or other course officials; as such we would request that you only wear one ear piece to ensure you are still able to hear. Participants who choose to wear headphones on the course do so at their own risk and are asked to pay attention to officials and other participants throughout their event.

Are there toilets on the course?

There are multiple toilets at the start/finish area.

 For the 5km course, there are also toilets at King Street, near the Busselton Yacht Club. 

For the 10km course, there are the King Street toilets, and the Dolphin Boat ramp toilets. 

For the 21.1km course, there are toilets at King Street, Dolphin Road boat ramp, Alan Street, and Abbey Beach boat ramp.

For the 42.2km course,  there are toilets at King Street, Dolphin Road boat ramp, Alan Street, and Abbey Beach boat ramp, Siesta Park, Quindalup Boat ramp turn point.

How many aid stations will there be?

There will be seven aid stations on the full course. Depending on your distance you will pass either one, two, four , or all seven stations.

As this is an out and back course, you will pass through each station twice i.e. those completing the 5km will pass table one twice, those in the 10km will pass stations one and two twice, those completing the half marathon will pass through  four stations twice, and those completing the marathon will pass through six stations twice and one station at the marathon turn point.

Station one and two will be water only. Station three and four will also have Bindi. There will also be water, Bindi and fruit available at the finish line.

Rubbish bins will also be available at each aid station. Please ensure you use the bins for any rubbish you have. Please do not discard rubbish, such as empty cups or energy gel packets, along the course.

terms and conditions

 I fully understand my exposure to the potential of the event being cancelled and the terms set out on our website 

2.    I have read the conditions of entry for this event and understand the demanding physical nature of the event. I have trained for this event and I am not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will be detrimental to my health if I participate in this event. In the event that I become aware of any medical condition or impairment, or am otherwise sick or injured prior to the event, I will withdraw from the event.

3.    I acknowledge that participating in this event may involve a real risk of serious injury or even death from the various causes including but not limited to over exertion, dehydration, and accidents with other participants, spectators, vehicles or other road users, course or weather conditions or other causes.

4.    I acknowledge that it is a condition of participating in this event that I do so at my own risk. I accept all risks and release the event organiser, its agents, affiliates, employees, members, sponsors, promoters, volunteers and any person or body, directly or indirectly associated with the event, from all claims, (including liability for negligence or the negligence of others), demands and proceedings arising out of or connected with my participation in this event and I indemnify them against all liability for injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with my participation in this event. This release continues forever and binds my heirs, successors, executors, personal representatives and assigns.

5.    The race director’s decision will be final and no correspondence or disputes entertained.

6.    I consent to receive medical treatment, which may include ambulance transportation if deemed necessary, which may be available in the event of illness or injuries suffered by me during the event.

7.    I give permission for the free use of my name, voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion or other account of the event.

8.    Should the event be cancelled for any reason whatsoever I understand that the refund policy will apply. 

9.    I am fully responsible for the safety of my personal possessions at the event.

10.   I agree to abide by all race rules and directions issued by the event organisers.

11.   I agree to abide by the conditions of the event as stated in the waiver above and upon literature and other material distributed in connection with the event.

12.    I declare that I am over the age of 18 years on the day of the event.

13.    BRC Bay Run is held in accordance with world athletics rules. 

Waiver for minors:

Your parent or guardian must sign the waiver if you are under the age of 18 years on the day of the event.

What is the weather expected to be like?

The average daily maximum in Busselton in February is 28 degrees Celsius, so by 9am it is often already 20 degrees or more. Please check the weather forecast in the days leading up to the event to ensure you are dressed appropriately.

Can I bring my pram?

Yes, however you will need to start at the back of the pack and be aware that you must stay to the left of the track at all times.

Can i bring my dog?

No, Dogs are not allowed on the course.

first aid

A first aid tent and attendees will be in attendance at the start/finish line and respond to any reported incidents. Your health is most important so if you are feeling unwell in any way, please stop and seek assistance.

Will there be road closures in place for this event?

Yes - Start / finish area will have road closures in place. All road crossings will be marshalled, and where the path is directly adjacent to the road, half road closure will be in place. Half road closures are to provide a buffer zone for runners, it is not an invitation to run on the road. Please stay on the dual use paths.

The Marathon course follows well established cycle/foot paths, some of which pass in front of driveways. All residents have been advised of the event but still be cautious.

Will there be a photographer?

Our local photography club will be taking photos on the day. These will be available free online after the event.

Will there be food and drink available to purchase?

Yes. There are also a number of other cafes and kiosks available on the Busselton foreshore and the event takes place only a short walk from the centre of town.

Do you require volunteers to assist with this event?

We are always happy for any help! If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please email Bay Run