Ticket Information

Future Event Date - Saturday 8 February 2025

Important Information - Cut-off times

Marathon: 4 hours and 30 minutes - Participants must complete the 42.2km course within this time. If they take longer than this time, they will not be considered official finishers. 

Half Marathon/10km/5km: 3 hours 

It's important for runners to be aware of these cut-off times when registering for the race and to train accordingly to meet the specified time limits. 

These cut-off times ensure the safety of participants and adhere to road closures and permits.

2024 Ticket prices

5km Fun Run

Juniors 17 & under: $25.00
Adult: $40.00

10km Fun Run

Juniors 17 & under: $35.00
Adult: $50.00

Half Marathon

Juniors 17 & under: $50.00
Adult: $75.00


Adult: $110.00
Not open to juniors